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Mac Log Manager (or popular as Apple Mac key logger) is the robust and versatile spyware program that supports keyboard activity tracking, screenshots capturing and report generating facilty. Mac OSX keylogger software is the supreme monitoring software designed for Mac machines that can record each activity performed on Apple Mac device. Mac keylogger software can record various activities including Chat conversations, Composed or send emails, Visited websites, USB removable media insertion activities and other activities performed on Apple Mac operating system installed machine.

Mac OSX keylogger software is designed with great surveillance method that enable users who wants to spy on Mac machine to secretly record every activity performed on Mac machine. Now you have chance to record each activity performed on your Mac machine with highly reliable spyware for Mac. Mac OS X keylogger software quickly captures screenshots at fixed time internal without being noticed so that you can easily view what is going on your Mac machine behind your back.

Software working features:-

  • Keylogger for Mac OS X can trace clipboard operations performed by the user on Mac machine.
  • Perfect Mac OS X keylogger software allows to log all online activities including composed e-mails, chat conversation details, instant messages, visited websites, typed URLs and other internet activities performed by the user on Mac device.
  • Expertise keylogger Mac OSX program proficiently records USB data storage device insertion or removable activities.
  • Keylogger Mac OS X utility can record entire application accessed details in proper manner.
  • Password protected keylogger OSX software restricts unauthorized users to change software configuration settings.
  • Secure and safe keylogger OS X software prepares reports of recorded logs in html file format.
  • Proficient Mac monitoring software runs in complete hidden mode hence no one can access the software except system owner.

Other features:-

  • Mac OS X keylogger software generates log reports in hidden encrypted log file.
  • Mac keylogging software works in complete stealth mode.
  • Affordable, safe and easy to use
  • No technical training is required to operate the software.

Download 30 days free trial!

Trial download of Mac freeware keylogger is available free for 30 days which enables users to easily understand software working. Place order to get full featured software licensed version.

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