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Professional Edition Keylogger Software

Professional Edition Keylogger Software

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Does your child take secret chat with strangers or your employees’ waste time surfing news sites and playing online games during working hours? Now no need to get worried as Advance keylogger software will do the job for you. Amazing PC recording software is developed with latest technology that helps to trace and log all users activities performed on your computer device behind your back. Robust and proficient spying software is the ultimate surveillance tool that can record each and every activity including voice chat conversations, accessed applications, clipboard entries, composed emails, visited websites and other activities performed by the users on your PC.

Now you can easily monitor your employees, spouse, kids and students activities performed on your computer machine without being exposed with professional computer spy software. Supreme quality keyboard logger software works as surveillance camera and rapidly captures Windows screenshots at fixed time of interval so that you can easily find out what other users are doing on your computer device in your absence.


Software significant features:-

Records internet activities:- Secure keyboard logger software is equipped to monitor all online activities including website visited, composed and send emails, search engine searches and record chat conversations in Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, instant messenger, AIM etc.

Takes Windows screen-shots :- Technically advanced keystrokes recorder program enables to capture Windows screenshots from time to time so that you can easily find what is happening on your computer when you are away.

Records clipboard contents:- Versatile computer activity monitor program record all clipboard entries (copy-paste operations) performed by the user on computer system.

Records login name and password:- Keylogging software easily records login name and password typed in various applications on computer or laptop device.

Generates recorded keystrokes reports:- Robust PC surveillance tool easily prepares reports of user activities reports in encrypted log files that can be sent at user defined email address.

Other features:-

  • Password protected feature of keylogger software makes it secure and safe from unauthorized access.
  • Spy keylogger software can record multiple user logged on your computer machine.
  • Keylogger software provides backup of every recorded computer system activities for future usages.
  • Recorded keystrokes can be viewed with each input keystrokes or only printing keystrokes as per user choice.
  • Report of recorded keystrokes can be generated in html file format.
  • Hidden keylogger software works in hidden mode and does not appear on desktop, control panel, add and remove programs even in installation path.
  • Highly reliable keyboard logger software provides hot key or run command settings to access the software when running in hidden mode.

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